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The 80's "Fat Free" Experiment Failed

If you are now in your midlife season of life  I know that we were brought up in the 80’s. This  was the peak of the “fat free revolution” and so it may be a stretch to think of fat as “healthy”. We were taught that fat is dangerous to our health and that it would cause us to become fat. It was a highly marketed idea with scientific studies to back it up. 




We can now declare that the fat free movement has not been as successful as they may have hoped. We don’t need a scientific study to prove this. Our obesity rates have increased by 800% in the last 40 years which we have seen with our very own eyes.


Decreasing healthy fats is not fully responsible for this major transformation though. When the food industry took fats out of our foods they needed to replace it with something else to make it taste good, and so they added more sugar. When you see a food labeled as “fat free” you are safe to assume that it may also be “high sugar”. And, as it turns out, when we are not consuming enough fats our body is more prone to craving sugar which has led to a vicious cycle.


Now, not all fats are created equal. There are healthy fats and fats that are not healthy because they cause inflammation. To keep things simple I am going to highlight a few of the healthy fats to keep in your pantry for easy access because it’s a good idea to eat some healthy fat at each meal. Once you have your pantry stocked it makes it easy to “grab and go” in your body lifestyle. 


Adding healthy fats to your diet will help with cutting sugar cravings. But it will also help to optimize our health overall. Our brain is predominantly made up of fat, our nerve cells are coated with fat, our cells love fat to fuel a healthy metabolism and need healthy fats for the cell structure itself as well. These are just a few examples…


The following are a few healthy fats to integrate into your pantry:


AVOCADO OIL: Good for cooking at higher temperatures and mild taste for creating marinades and dressings.


GHEE: Good for cooking at high temperatures and traditionally used in ayurvedic (Indian) foods.


OLIVE OIL: Good for cooking at moderate temperatures and dressings. Good to buy cold pressed.

WALNUTS: balanced omega 6:3 ratio good for snacking and adding as toppings for salads.

CHIA, FLAX & HEMP SEEDS: balanced omega 6:3 ratio. Great to use as ingredients in smoothies and on top of salads. 


In this video I go in depth in discussing the topic of which healthy fats to stock in your pantry, how to use them and why eating them helps you to optimize your health and longevity.


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The first step to this process is ditching sugar dependency…


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