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Shocking Sugar Facts You Should Know Before Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner and it's the traditional kick off into the "high sugar" holiday season...

(BTW...It's no coincidence that this also kicks off our cold and flu season)

Sugar does a number on our immune system, stress levels, overall health and weight and the season lasts for 2 whole months!!

If you're wanting to enjoy this holiday season without the regrets of weight gain and energy loss then this article is for you.


🤯 Did you know that the average person is eating 17 teaspoons of added sugar a day?! That's over 1/3 of a cup!!


Now, I know that you're not adding 1/3 of a cup of sugar to your morning coffee...So how do we accidentally eat so much of it?


Take a peek at the nutritional label of your orange juice and you'll find there's probably around 22grams sugar in it. That's 5.5 teaspoons of sugar right there.


In fact, it's recommended that women eat no more than 6 teaspoons a day...


🍊 That healthy morning juice almost gets us there on its own!


I've been a healthy eater most of my life but had no idea that I was eating too much sugar.


It wasn't until my hormones began to change in midlife that I became aware of how much sugar I was actually eating.


You see, in midlife our hormones shift and we become more sensitive to sugar.


When we eat more sugar than our body needs then it's stored as fat.


So, I was gaining weight while drinking my organic orange juice and eating my organic sourdough toast.


I'm sure my body appreciated that it was organic, but it was the sugar it could not longer tolerate.


I was beginning to feel like the prophesy of midlife weight gain was inevitable...




My husband came home from a doctors appointment saying that we needed to find a solution in order to avoid the slippery slope of medication his doctor was recommending.


So, I went to work and made some amazing discoveries about sugar, the myths around fat and heart disease, hormone health & healthy aging.


When we implemented the changes together we lost 100lbs and that was after years of dancing with the same 5lbs gain and loss for years.


That was years ago now and the lifestyle changes we made have been super enjoyable and long lasting.


Was I happy to lose the weight? Sure...


I was also amazed at how our marriage improved because we were no longer on the emotional rollercoaster of sugar.


What I'm happiest about is maintaining my weight and never feeling like I'm sacrificing.


I believe that midlife is a powerful crossroads...


Midlife is a starting point for the next half of our lives...


Your body is designed to thrive at midlife and beyond. We just need to learn how to care for her well.


That's why I'm here...


To be your midlife guide and ally so that you can get in touch with what your body needs to optimize your health, improve your energy and age gracefully.


Which is why I'm so excited to invite you to join me in my 30-Day Midlife Metabolism Sugar Detox. It's an Integrative Approach For Long Lasting Change: Overcome sugar cravings for good without feeling deprived. In this unique approach you'll achieve long-lasting results with confidence and ease.


What you'll receive:


  • Course Materials - Enjoy educational videos, e-book, food diary & affirmations to help you feel confident in the process.

  • Delicious Food - Whole food recipes, suggested meal plans & shopping lists to help you to fit this program into a busy life.

  • Daily Online Support - Benefit from daily encouragement & inspiration in order to keep you on track and support your success.

  • Weekly Group Coaching Zoom Sessions

  • + Optional Bonus - Enjoy a Complimentary 30min  personal session with me to review your progress at the end of the program. 




What makes this program unique is that its designed not just for a quick win, but for a lifetime transformation.


This program is for midlife women who are...


👉ready to explore new simple to make, amazing tasting foods...


👉are interested in establishing new belief patterns about themselves and their relationship to food.


👉interested in preparing for what to do when traveling, eating out or enjoying the holidays.


👉desire support, community, education & accountability geared to make this a lasting transformation.


If that sounds like you, then let's do this!




I'm excited to be offering this program for the first time as a group program to make it more cost effective and accessible to everyone.


If now is your time to kick start your health & weight loss goals then register today. I look forward to working with you!!