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5 Signs You May Have Hormone Imbalances


Hormone balance can have a huge impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Some of the potential benefits include improved energy levels, better mental clarity, improved mood, better sleep, improved immunity, better digestion, improved fertility, and increased libido. Additionally, when your hormones are in balance, it can help reduce inflammation, reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause, and increase muscle mass. All of these benefits can lead to an overall improved quality of life.

Maintaining hormone balance is an important part of overall health and wellbeing. To help keep your hormones in balance, try to get enough sleep, exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, reduce your stress, and practice relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation. Here are a few symptoms that may indicate your hormones may be out of balance.


Constant Fatigue and Exhaustion

When there is an abnormal release of cortisol along with adrenaline in the body, you may feel chronically stressed. Besides, you may feel sad and extremely tired even when it seems illogical to feel that way. Thus, if you often have a foggy head, low mood, and depression, your body might have a hormonal imbalance.


Intense Cravings

Here is another commonly occurring symptom but it goes unidentified often because many people have cravings, especially for sugar and other sweet treats.  The imbalanced hormonal state also boosts your cravings for different food items including drinks, chocolates, and other tempting edibles. Studies have shown that an increased level of insulin or high concentration of cortisol in the body can enhance your craving for sugar or wine. 


Weight Gain

In addition to your daily intake of food and exercises that you participate in, your hormones also have a significant role in determining your body weight because they impact the metabolic rate. If your hormones are out of balance, you will have difficulty in shedding extra body weight despite all your efforts and dieting.  Hence, it’s good to design your food and movement choices around supporting hormone health.


Reduced Sex Drive

In women, the libido is controlled by the level of estrogen in the body. If your estrogen level is below or above the optimum level, it can impact your sex drive negatively.  Similarly, in the case of men, lack of testosterone can result in lack of sex drive.


Mood Swings

Mood swings are often associated with PMS. The majority of women experience mood swings before menses, but that is not the only cause. If you take proper care of yourself and enjoy a healthy lifestyle but are still experiencing mood swings quite often, it indicates that your hormones may be out of balance.



Hormones control numerous functions in our body. If one or more of these release in excess, they can impact the smooth functioning of multiple body systems. Similarly, if there is an underproduction of any one or more hormones, your body will experience some unpleasant symptoms as well. Midlife is an important season of life to pay special attention to lifestyle choices like diet, movement, relaxation & rest in order to support the body through this hormonal transition.


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