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How To Lose Weight For Good With Whole Foods

If you are tired of going on a diet then consider instead the idea of Idesigning a life that you LOVE! It’s a long term sustainable strategy to create long term health. 


There are so many foods and recipes to explore!


Sometimes we just get stuck in habits and routines with food that no longer serve us. We have our go-to foods for when we need comfort, our go-to foods for how we celebrate the holidays and our go-to grab and go foods for when we are busy.


In order to change anything - you have to change something. When looking to lose weight, increase energy & focus or optimize health changes in food habits is a great place to begin.


But what changes to make? There’s so much confusing messages out there about what is and is not healthy. The EXPERTS are holding scientifically backed arguments on the BEST food strategies all the while forgetting that for most people making  a shift towards Whole Foods will be transformational. There are many different philosophies around Whole Foods eating that include animal based, plant based, keto, primal, mediterranean strategies. The commonality of their Whole Food foundation is key.


We are designed to eat Whole Foods. Manufactured foods are a new invention that has had tragic results with the increase in obesity and chronic illness. 


How do Whole Foods benefit us if we are looking to lose weight, increase energy & focus and optimize health? Countless ways…but for today I will be empowering you with just a few to consider:




When we eat food it affects how the genes in our DNA express themselves. WOW!! Yup…


This is a powerful awareness to make. We are not victims of our DNA. We inherit the possibilities that exist within our DNA. We turn those possibilities on or off through our lifestyle choices with a major player being our food choices. 


As an example: when you eat broccoli it is waking up a protein messenger inside your cells called Nrf2. Nrf2 regulates over 400 genes inside your DNA called “survival genes”. Buy, with a name like “survival genes” do you think they might be important? 


Whole foods evolved alongside humans and we are adapted to thrive when we consume them.



When we eat locally grown Whole Foods we are receiving the benefits of being more fully adapted to our place in the world. 


As an example: The plants that are locally grown are living in the same temperature, humidity levels, and environmental stressors that you are. They are being grown in a soil that (if it is organically grown) has happy bacteria that will inform your microbiome about your world as well. 


Food is information for our bodies and helps us to regulate ourselves to our place in the world.




This is typically how scientists analyze food. Macronutrients are: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals. 


Food experts will nit-pick on how to perfect our macronutrient and micronutrient profile. I say nit-pick with the highest degree of respect and with an intentional disregard as well.


The nit-picking is paralyzing us from making ANY decision. Languaging like: BEWARE of eating meat, BEWARE of eating too many veggies, BEWARE of eating fat, BEWARE of not eating enough fat. It’s confusing…


The Midlife Metabolism Reset For Women Way is all about helping individuals to step out of the confusion by keeping the focus on eating Whole Foods first. Through a food discovery process you begin to identify what works FOR YOU. You become the expert on your own body in the process.


One of the first steps to take in the Midlife Metabolism For Women Way is to ditch the dependency upon sugar. I’d love to offer you my FREE GUIDE +3 Day Meal Plan & Recipes to begin this process today called: Kick Sugar Cravings To The Curb 


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