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Ever Wonder Why We Trust Diets?


When I speak to women about their health, here's what I hear then say...


"I know diets work, I'm just not consistent with them."


So, I had to give this a think...


You see if only one person said this...sure maybe it was true for that one person.


If, a few people said it, I'd have to ask myself...What's the common denominator here so I can help them become more successful on their diet.


But, when I speak to hundreds of women who are all saying the same thing...?

Well, that leads one to ponder...


🤔 Do diets really work as well as we are taught to believe that they do?


It's a worthwhile question to ask because if there is a change that the diet is not as "fool proof" as we believe, then maybe it's not us that has failed the system. 


Maybe the system has failed us...?


In last week's video I looked at 3 reasons why diets fail that has nothing to do with our lack of willpower.


In today's video I'll be looking at some reasons behind why we do blindly trust that diets work, even though we've experienced evidence to question that as truth.


Here's a spoiler alert, in case you need a teaser:

🔹There are reasons why we lose our intuition around what our body needs.

🔹We are groomed from a young age that we need to be thin and that dieting is the solution.

🔹 The dieting industry is a $71 billion industry so there's a lot of money invested in marketing to us that they work.


So whether you click above to watch the video or just enjoy the teaser, I hope that you take a moment to ponder this question for yourself.


"Why do I trust that dieting works and that I failed?"


Till Next Time,

Kim Jacques, Midlife Health Coach


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